Xbox 360 repair status not updating

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Xbox 360 repair status not updating

However, Previously I have published a tutorial article about modifying this folder.

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But, You can easily resolve this update download frozen problem.However, I hope doing these things will repair windows update stuck problem.These are the most common and working methods for update related problems.It is possible that any of the active third-party services is causing trouble in communication between windows and remote download server. In clean boot state, Windows update should not be stuck like before.As a result, Windows update remains unchanged at download stage. However, It also helps to identify which service or program was causing the actual problem. So, You will have to be a bit tricky to reset catroot2 folder. When hard disk has some common problem, windows may find it difficult to write something on it.The latest console software update requires at least 190 megabytes (MB) of storage space (or 256 MB if you live in Japan).

If you do not have enough free space, you need to move or delete some items.

If this does not fix the problem, try the next solution.

In some cases after an update, you might get the message "Connection to Xbox Live has been lost” when you try to start a game or an app, and you may be signed out of your account.

Fortunately, Windows can automatically create this folder and download components automatically if users delete or rename it.

Doing this thing also can fix windows update stuck at downloading issue.

Note The “x” digits vary according to several factors, such as region.