World accommodating new religious movements examples

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However, surprisingly enough, these phenomena are rarely put into a greater context of globalisation theories (with a few exceptions, e.g. Religion remains discussed as somehow outside of society and opposed or only related to globalisation.In this essay, however, we shall argue that, in fact, there is a close interrelationship between the rise of new forms of religion and the globalisation of society.

The role of religion, however, is almost completely neglected.In today’s social sciences the notions of globalisation, Global or World Society have become increasingly popular.Many disciplines, most of all political science and sociology, began to consider contemporary ›societies‹ in some way stronger interrelated and interdependent.New forms of religiosity, religious organisations and religious-laden discourses seem to arise all over the world.Therefore, almost consequentially, these phenomena are discussed in relation to globalisation.Im letzten Teil wird die Rolle der so neu definierten NRMs als ›globalised globaliser‹ für das weltgesellschaftliche Funktionssystem Religion evaluiert (Niklas Luhmann/Rudolf Stichweh).

NRMs können demnach als Folge sowie als Triebkraft der Globalisierung von Religion in der Weltgesellschaft verstanden werden.

For example politics provides binding decisions, law distinguishes legal from illegal actions and economy operates the accumulation of different forms of capital.

As one of several different function systems, in a completely new form: society no longer is integrated by religion as it had been in pre-modern times or by morality as Emile Durkheim (Durkheim 1984, Luhmann 2008) thought it was.

Mit dieser theoretisch-argumentativen Analyse soll der Artikel neue Forschungsperspektiven skizzieren sowie das mögliche Potential der Systemtheorie für die religionswissenschaftliche Erforschung von NRMs aufzeigen..

Based on the systems theory, according to Niklas Luhmann amongst others, the essay analyses the general problems of defining NRMs.

Then we will shed some light on the rather confusing common definitions of NRM to suggest a narrow but more precise alternative.

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