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The Save file tab (Options dialog box) is used to define the save to file settings.

More about The user can set up the folder to save image files. It can be used with all commom ID card design and management software for automatic image capture with a web camera, face recognition, crop, image resizing and enhancement, and image transfer to the photo field of an ID card design and management software e.g. Working with in Photo ID Webcam the user can rotate the photo using Rotate right or Rotate left buttons in the right part of the software window.The rotated image will be captured to a TWAIN compatible application: any standard ID card software including Incardex, Asure ID, ID Works, Card Five, EPISuite, ID Flow, and other. When the camera is rotated vertically, the previewed image in the live image preview window has album orientation. Press Rotate right or Rotate left button, and the previewed image will be rotated to the portrait orientation as it is usually required for ID photo. When the face is found in the live image displayed in the preview window it is outlined by the yellow frame.The last profile used is remembered and loaded automatically when the software is started next time.If you are not planning to use profiles you can remove the Profile button from the Control Panel.After the captured photo is automatically cropped in the Image Processing window it is automatically transferred to ID card management software supporting TWAIN (e.g.

Incardex from Akond, ID Works and IDCentre from Datacard Group (USA), Asure ID from HID Global (USA), ID Flow from Jolly Technologies (USA), EPI Suite from Image Ware Systems (USA)) and inserted into the photo field.

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If so the Capture to TWAIN option in the image preview section will be disabled.

To capture images and save them to disk press Capture to file button.

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