Wambach dating

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Wambach dating

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Abby attended Our Lady of Mercy High School from 1994 to 1998.

Everything we’ve searched for continues to pull this information, and we’re getting flooded with commenters stating this information as fact today as well.

While no direct information from Abby via a reputable news source confirms this information, the consistent information suggests one thing: It’s a very strong possibility that Abby Wambach is homosexual.

After her short-lived nuptails with Sarah, her relationship with the Christian Blogger girlfriend, Glennon Doyle Melton became public in November 2016.

The retired soccer star was born on 2 June 1980 in Rochester, New York as per wiki.

Wambach keeps her personal life private and has yet to comment on her sexual orientation in any manner. Anyway, what's important is that Wambach is a dedicated athlete and great team player.

She helped lead the team to the finals and is definitely expecting to take home yet another gold for the United States. While we know she's a force to be reckoned with on the pitch, people are very curious about her personal life.There's been rumors about Wambach's dating history for a while now, but there are no definitive answers.Abby Wambach of United States runs during warm up during the Women's Football Semi Final match between Canada and USA, on Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Old Trafford on August 6, 2012 in Manchester, England.(Source: Stanley Chou/Getty Images Europe) more pics Abby Wambach just scored a goal in the women's soccer Olympic final this afternoon, giving the Americans the lead in the fierce game for gold against Japan.In an international career lasting 14 years, she has represented the United States national team 249 times, scoring 183 goals. Played Herself - Telephone Interviewee in "Mike and Mike in the Morning" in 2005. It's her personal life, and she likes to keep it just that: personal That's right... However, she mentioned her "roommate" recently, when talking about who was caring for her after her leg surgery. If anything, Abby and Tim seem to have more chemistry than Tony and Abby.