Updating row using cursor oracle

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Rows Only does not seem to work with the FOR UPDATE clause.

If you are at the conference, drop into the Groundbreaker area and say Hello.This question is Hello, I have a requirement to update 2 columns (A, B) in a arbitrarily (very, very) large table.The values that needs to be updated relies on values from another table and must be consistent with the values from the other table.When we want to update or delete the cursor fetched row(s) from the database, we don’t have to form In the below code listing, the employees joined before the year 2000 are archived and during the cursor process, no other session is permitted to make any changes to those employees using the FOR UPDATE clause.The employee deletion from the transaction table is performed using the WHERE CURRENT OF clause as shown below.To put the results we've calculated into the table we can replace our simple PRINT statement with an UPDATE statement.

To make sure the correct values are added to the correct records we use the WHERE CURRENT OF statement to check the current position of our cursor.You can add more column names in a comma-separated list if you need to make more fields updatable.To demonstrate how to use a cursor to update records we'll create a running total of the number of Oscars our films have won.To begin with we'll declare a couple of variables and set their default values.The first variable will hold the running total of Oscars while the second will be used to read each individual film's Oscars as the cursor moves through the record set.Thus, any TCL operation on the cursor record set has to be done only after fetching all the rows from the cursor context area using a loop process similar to the above listing example.