Updating maps magellan roadmate 2016

27-Jul-2019 16:55 by 4 Comments

Updating maps magellan roadmate 2016

After a 1/2 hour or so, SOMETIMES it will start working for about 30 mins and then it stops working again. 14 emails later and countless hours of back and fourths they simply stopped communicating with me and now I am stuck with 2 of their GPS units that are broken and UN-usable. This is what they say "We suggest purchasing a brand new Magellan device that has all the latest technological advances, map updates, and full one-year warranty.

We provide onsite services for all kind all GPS devices.The 3D buildings help to provide a more realistic view of surroundings by displaying notable landmarks on and around the route in 3D.The option of portrait mode allows to see more of the route ahead.This is due to the technological advances in mapping data over that past few years.The size of the mapping data is too great to be handled by the older hardware.2018 Magellan GPS, tried to update right away the maps last year. I was told that my computer and newer GPS unit are infected with a virus...

"Map is the last available version." Today I tried again and got the same message. (I never run a PC without the newest antivirus updates!!! So I was told from Magellan support to pay 199.99 USD to clean my computer and to get my new GPS map!

If you are going to purchase a GPS after market unit I suggest you stay away from this model.

Magellan sold 10s of 1000s of units with the lifetime map upgrades.

This is a way for them to try and not honor lifetime map agreements.

If they are treating others this way - this deserves a class action suit to filed against Magellan GPS.

They are trying not to honor the deal saying the memory is too small for current maps.