Updating lg vx 9800

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Updating lg vx 9800 - interactive anime dating games

If you're a dude and wear dude's jeans, or if you're a chick that carries their phone in their purse (or a dude... The phone fits relatively comfortably despite the tighter jeans anyway. But phone vol has to be low for enclosed use(or vertical) for sound to be bareable..at that point if your outside your screwed. ...cause the earpice rummbles at med to high vol..quality at low still is just average to subpar for me. price ...for what it is...inevaditably i returned it cause i cant have a phone thta doesnt do well its most important function... O ...by the way this phone happed to have horrable signal strenght but oddly enougn im yet condeming that issue since im not convinced that bar read ouy is correct...was low to null but calls still went threw..a bit slow mabye but did succed in going threw. it is the perfect phone for anyone who wants to do just about anything with it.

It's been almost four months since I bought the phone and it has not yet let me down.I really liked the phone, but within the first month I was checking my email, and the phone locked up on me.So Verizon gave me a new 9800, but two months later the second phone has locked up on me again.I was one of the lucky ones who had their 2 year up just in time to lay my hands on this incredible new phone, and I am not regretting it.It has everything I need without spending useless money on several things.The 'Get It Now' was the only thing that was the least bit tricky, because it's divided up, you can DL music one place, check your email another, check your phone stats ANOTHER and get online in a totally other place. After spending time checking out the commercial for this amazing device, I quickly hopped in my car for a look at this new phone.

But the way it's set up makes a lot more sense, trust me. I was one of the lucky ones who had their 2 year up just in time to lay my hands on this incredible new phone, and I am not regretting it.I'm used to the LG vx6000, so this was quite the jump.The menu structure is really easy, I didn't have any problems with it.I had one, it had a speaker problem, returned it, recieved a new one and it froze, causing me to lose 426 contacts and all of my pictures, ringtones, etc. But I will miss the self portrait aspect that I had on my LG 7000 and I will miss the 24 hr readout option I had on my Moto T720.Phones are personal items and all verizon did was say, oops, and give me a third one of this phone, which i do NOT want. I give the LG 9800 a 4.8 I just got my VX 9800 a week ago and all i could say is... you dont really need to spend a lot for it, thats if you are willing to spend 125 bucks for it (worth the money)..The second problem, may be the fault of the cheap headbuds that I picked up to fit that smaller plug. My main problem is that it is so far only at verison. DOes this phone have the same kind of internet or is it just text more less?

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