Trina dating okc player

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The irony here, though, is what everyone wants to seem to talk about. So yes, while Roberson is in the NBA, it’s De Mita who is the far better shooter of the two.De Mita, who is a social media star, is still a pretty good ballplayer. Others are making a similar joke – that landing De Mita was the one shot that Roberson will ever hit.

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The duo, should they stay together, could become one of the more high-profile tandems in the NBA circuit.

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She’s also a really good shooter – to the point where she’s put out videos on You Tube to show off her shooting prowess.

Over the holiday weekend, the couple were seen dancing at a party in Las Vegas hosted by troubled singer Chris Brown.

Harden is known for bedding and leaving loose women such as rapper Trina and socialite Amber Rose.

Bitter Trina took to her Twitter page on Sunday to call Khloe her "sloppy seconds". It may have been Monica's big Mother's Day party...the talk of the evening was Lil' Wayne's set. He and his homie screamed into the mic asking her to come on stage, and Lil Wayne said he just had to let her know he "misses her and loves her." Ahhhh that never dying hood love.Weezy, who performed three songs, gave a very "intimate" shout out Sunday night at Liv to Trina and appeared to still have some "feelings" for the queen of Miami. Too bad she's moved on with OKC baller and the NBA's 6th Man of the Year James Harden.Listed below are 10 Popular Dating Websites that have been identified with useful info on questional member profiles.Check out the profiles from the sites listed below, which were provided by our members. He has been seen with Paula Deanda and it was all over Tmz.