The naked truth about love sex and dating

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The naked truth about love sex and dating

Having known that the soft light of a candle suited him better than total darkness or the blinding electric lights, he had lit a candle.

Since that moment, he had run back to rectory and safety of his room. He had no courage to face the fellow priests or the unblemished, chaste nuns he had grown with as family.

According to her own admission, she was only a few months over 18 years of age but she had done unbelievable sexy things with men of elder age and even boys of her age; Father could ever imagine.

She had attended parties and had been fucked with a cock in her mouth, one in her dripping teen pussy and one in her deep ass and even holding, gratifying, masturbating a couple in her hands.

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Naked Truth By: Londebaaz Chohan Being a man, Father Nelson was at least shocked but not tempted by the girl’s confession.

It was the middle of dead summer, no windows or door of his room was open for any chance of cold wind but yet suddenly his room turned cold as an ice box with a chill running down Father’s spine.

Something very wicked was coming: He looked towards the window and thought; he saw a movement attracting him.

O’ yes, her eyes were little too bright and even her smell was too knowing type. She was saying that Father had called her in his fevered imagination and looted her body as well. Father gasped and once again could hardly speak, “How could you know. This time she leaned to breathe and whisper in his ear, causing him to shiver with anxiety and terror.

He heard her very clearly, “I am what you want and also fear.

His heart nearly stopped beating in his chest to see two eyes staring back at him.

He could almost feel blood dripping from thos eyes; he was so afraid as he felt his bed shift under the weight of another soul on it. He tried to get up from the bed and very hardly could only mutter the word, ‘You’.

“Poor priest; Father Nelson, you are so lonely”, he could hear a clear sound that hissed in his ear. He was almost held down by the invisible chains and bonds. She was still in the same skin tight black dress which she had worn when she came to the confessional with him that afternoon.

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