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From a materials standpoint, Tour is distinguished from the rest of the JPX900 lineup by the use 1025E Mild Carbon steel.

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As it relates to the new JPX919 family of irons it really boils down to this: There is a list of design and engineering reasons why the JPX919 could be better, but it’s up to you as a golfer to determine if those things matter enough for you to replace what’s currently in your bag.

Amongst its complex of private bars, you will have exclusive use of The Loft area, which is ideal for Speed Dating as it's roomy, with comfy seats and low lighting all helping to create the right atmosphere.

The drinks aren't too pricey and customer feedback tells us that Tiger Tiger is the best venue for speed dating in Manchester.

As is often the case, the answer boils down to mass distribution. How can we take it away from where it isn’t needed and relocate it in a way that will improve performance?

As we answer those questions, we’ll also touch on a couple of things you don’t see very often.

At a minimum, 919 Tour becomes the sequel to a modern classic that helped change perceptions on tour while helping Mizuno reach a different type of golfer.

It should go without saying that Mizuno hopes to continue its tour momentum with the 919.While Mizuno could have used 1025 Boron, there’s no practical performance reason to do so since nothing in the 919 Tour spec demands more distance.Any inclusion of Boron in the 919 Tour would have been strictly for marketing purposes.It can’t be easy for any brand to replace its most successful game-improvement iron ever, or a tour iron that won 3-majors in a 14-month span (including back to back US Opens), or even a middle of the market forged iron that’s the most versatile iron in its catalog.Trying to replace all three in a single release cycle is another thing entirely. One could easily build a case for letting the entire JPX900 lineup ride for another season, maybe two, but the golf equipment world brings with it certain business realities, and that means even a company like Mizuno needs to make new clubs – even when the There’s a video floating around the interwebs that features Mizuno R&D Engineer turned Brand Manager for Golf, Chris Voshall, stepping the viewer through the clubs in his bag.The primary structural difference between the 919 and the previous generation is the addition of what Mizuno calls a Stability Frame.

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