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Thai ladyboy dating - go fish dating search

We will run down many of the most popular cities in the country that guys visit and tell you the main areas of town in each for you to go for the best results.Unlike many cities you don’t need to be searching LGBT bars or drag shows here, you just go to the red light districts and see what you can find.

They are hanging out in these areas for a reason, and that reason is almost always because they want money.There are certain rare cities where you might see something like twenty to thirty, but they are extreme outliers.When it comes to ladyboys in Thailand in the main trans hot spots like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket it isn’t hard to see a hundred on a given night.We don’t like to promote prostitution and do think it is much better for you to try to hook up with a trans who isn’t a sex worker.That is why we won’t be linking you to any specific Thai ladyboy escorts or Go Go bars, and we will be telling you about the great online dating possibilities.Now we will go city by city with the easiest spots before we get into the online dating.

Some of these cities we have already covered extensively and will be linking to in case you want a more in depth read on them.

For instance you can read our extensive Ladyboy Wiki Bangkok guide at that link.

The two biggest red light districts in the city are located right in the touristy area and are roughly a mile apart.

Plus there are even ladyboy massage parlors in this area as well.

Of course since this is the biggest city in Thailand by a wide margin you will find more ladyboys on the dating sites here than anywhere else.

We like to say that you can’t turn a ho into a housewife.