Technorati profile not updating

05-Oct-2019 05:14 by 4 Comments

Technorati profile not updating

Technorati used to be a genuinely useful and colossally large index of blogs.On May 29th, 2014, Technorati removed millions of pages from the web, deleting their entire blog directory and all associated information.

Kudos to Dave for recognizing - and accepting - that and stepping out of the way so that others can take the reigns and move the company he founded to the next step.

Also, sundaybrew of Sunday Skool mentioned in one of his tips at Digital Point to leave comments on high PR blogs like Shoe Money and John Chow.

So I started with the comments last week on Shoe Money’s blog and am one of the top commentators on the list now 🙂 On most blogs, the Top Commentators list is refreshed every month, but in the case of Shoe Money’s Blog, I think it updates weekly as I read somewhere on his blog.

I recently made it to Shoe Money’s Top Commentators List and am really happy about it 😀 The whole idea came from the Free Blog Comments thread I had started at the Digital Point Forums a couple of months ago.

Many people who posted in the thread mentioned that they have the Top Commentators Plugin installed on their blog so I can use it for my advantage if I leave useful and non-spammy comments on their blogs.

The whole idea is to be consistent and leave useful comments on the blog, which are not deleted as spam by Shoe Money 😉 The responses at my Technorati Profile increased a lot due to Shoe Money’s Blog getting regularly spidered by the Search Engine Bots, which is why my Blogs Authority increased by 15 by just getting on Shoe Money’s Top Commentators List.

My next goal would be to maintain my position on Shoe Money’s Top Commentators list in the coming days and weeks and also get on the Top Commentators Lists of other high PR Blogs.

Technorati was the first major site to really focus on searching blogs, but now of course Google and every other search site does that.

Technorati's expanded its focus, but so have all the others.

Dave was later involved with the process of hiring me into Linuxcare and giving me the freedom (and funding) to run all over the world getting people on board with what would evolve into the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), today the leading vendor-neutral certification program for Linux professionals.

My involvement with leading LPI led to me taking a position with a startup named e-smith up in Ottawa in 2000, which was acquired by Mitel in 2001... I love what I do today and really have Dave to thank for a lot of what started me down the path that led to here. I've had my own issues with the site redesign earlier this year.

So I've naturally been watching the growth and challenges of Technorati over the past few years. It has, however, provided us with one way to sort through all the zillion things happening out in the world of social media.

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