Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating

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Symantec intrusion prevention signatures not updating - tiger onlin dating

Web assessments that include source code reviews, vulnerability scanning and penetration tests will most assuredly identify vulnerabilities in your web application.

Now contrast this patching data with the fact that Symantec also reported that it only took an average of 6 days for exploit code to be released to the public and it becomes clear that traditional source code patching processes are not adequate.The resulting impact of virtual patch is that, while the actual source code of the application itself has not been modified, the exploitation attempt does not succeed.When you consider the numerous situations when organizations can’t simply immediately edit the source code, the value of virtual patching becomes apparent.This paper presents a virtual patching framework that organizations can follow to maximize the timely implementation of virtual patches.It also demonstrates, as an example, how a web application firewall, (WAF) such as Mod Security, can be used to remediate a sampling of vulnerabilities in the OWASP Web Goat application.Now, a consultant can offer to create virtual patches to externally address the issues outside of the application code.

From a purely technical perspective, the number one remediation strategy would be for an organization to correct the identified vulnerability within the source code of the web application.What many organizations are finding out is that the cost associated with the identification of the vulnerabilities often pales in comparison to that of actually fixing the issues.This is especially true when vulnerabilities are not found early in the design or testing phases but rather after an application is already in production.From an organizations perspective, the benefits are: From a web application security consultant’s perspective, virtual patching opens up another avenue for providing services to your clients.Traditionally, if source code could not be updated for any of the reasons previously specified, there wasn’t much else a consultant could do to help.This is usually due to the extensive regression testing required after code changes.