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3-month business visas with double-entry are also possible to obtain, and only require that you are visiting Belarus to engage in business conversations with the expectation of looking to bring new capital into the country.

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The suffering of its people during these wars left an indelible memory that still permeates today.In terms of cleanliness and safety, it is a relic of how society functioned in the Soviet era.Belarusians take pride in the beauty of their country and the pristine features of their capital.I rate Belarusian Women slightly below their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts.The Belarusian girls in Minsk dress more conservatively than their cousins.The center of the city is very walkable and Minsk is a pleasant and easy to navigate city, even without Russian language ability.

The main streets are extremely clean, and in impeccable condition.

Despite its recent 5 day visa free program, the city still remains relatively cut-off from western countries and their influences.

Having spent time in other FSU countries, including Russia and Ukraine, Belarus certainly retains more of a Soviet feel.

With that said, be sure to come prepared with your own clothes, as you won’t find any of the main brands you’d find in Europe during your stay in Belarus.

The Belarusian Ruble, symbolized by BYN, underwent a redenomination in 2016 where the BYR was retired. If you’d like to see the current market rate, check out XE currency for more information.

This presents the classic trade-off, visiting the FSU in the summer with smaller crowds, or during the winter with extremely low temperatures but with more company in the city.

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