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In addition, the Anthropology Museum is one of the most amazing stores of Central and South American history that you’ll find anywhere; much of the displays include artifacts dating back to the eras of the Incas, Toltecs, and Aztecs.Everything is included except food, drinks, souvenirs, and gratuities.

The majestic volcano peaks at more than 10,000 feet and was first explored by conquistadors in the 16th century.

These two distinct cities will be a pleasant change from the urban hustle and bustle of Mexico City.

They are full of their own history and beauty, and, since they’re not too far away, they can be visited in a day.

It’s also home to one of the country’s great monasteries that dates back to the 1700s.

Contrasting Cuernavaca, Taxco is surrounded by scenic mountains loaded with silver and dotted with artisanal mines from eras past.

It’s not too well known that in ages past, the rulers of Mexico shared direct lineage with some of Europe’s royal families.

This tour that begins in Mexico City will take you to the stunning Chapultepec Castle, which was the home of the Mexican Emperor and is conveniently located near a revered Aztec ruin.

A shot of tequila before the match is included, and cold cervezas are available, so bring a few extra dollars.

The tour lasts between two and three hours and will show you a side of Mexico that few get to see.

If you add a cool drink and some amazing finger-food from the floating restaurants all around, the experience can be downright decadent.

The tour includes a stop in Coyoacán, a trendy neighborhood famous for the contemporary artists who live there and the wonderful art that’s found everywhere.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is also an icon, especially with the country’s Catholic believers, who revere this shrine built to honor the Virgin Mary.

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