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When the likes of My Space, Friendster, and Live Journal were first mass introduced, not a day went by without mention of keeping yourself safe on these sites. Users are far more educated about privacy settings and security controls than they used to be; the caution tape is much thicker and generally taken more seriously.

Another question should be raised in all this, and that’s age restrictions on ambient social, location-based apps, like the aforementioned Banjo.

I’m playing devil’s advocate here, and it’s very possible that many people think Facebook has all the same dangers that any other digital community does.

Maybe it has more to do with a social application’s focus — one with options to add someone to a “hot list” or see “who checked you out” may encourage a certain type of activity and attract a certain type of person.

I was told that according to i Tunes and the App Store’s policy, dating apps have to require users be over 18 years old, the age limit Singles Around Me imposes.

Skout must have been operating under the assumption that it was merely a social app and not a dating one, although the app honestly appears to cross that line given its clear purpose to meet, flirt, and find dates.

And all this talk about social networking safety might be making us feel more secure than we actually are.

There’s also the fact that all ages should not apply.

Mobile app Skout has suspended its teen community network as a result of alleged multiple rapes of minors being tied to its service.

While the location-based dating and flirting app is primarily for use by adults, Skout decided to open up the gates to the under-18 set and give them their own division.

CEO of social-local app Echo Echo and advisor to upcoming video dating app Flikdate Nick Bicanic also answered a few questions for me about age verification, dating apps, location apps, safety, and how they intersect.

He says that while Flikdate uses Facebook for identity and age verification (users must be over 18), the team knows that you can lie about this stuff — and they’re prepared to out those people.

“In the second, a 24-year-old man has been accused of raping a 12-year-old girl in Escondido, Calif.