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“Men are aware that an investment of time is needed to put into a child and, on the whole, it makes sense for them to invest that time in seeking a woman who is prepared to have their own biological child.” Dan has dated a number of single mothers in the past but is now avoiding them altogether.“I’ve not had great experiences dating single mums and don’t want go there again,” says Dan.

“We are driven to reproduce and continue our lineage ,” says Carole.

“I would very much like to meet someone and have a family of my own but I really don’t want to date anyone with their own children,” he says. “They’ve been there, done that and don’t necessarily want more,” says Dan, a self-employed businessman from North London.

“I dated a girl for a year and she had three children and she lived a couple of hours away. “After all, it hasn’t worked out once before so why should they risk having more children?

” Reason number five is, “A woman who has given birth can’t ever have a body close to what she had before carrying a child.

This is not saying that having a child isn’t worth it, but this is not about YOU having a child. Her body was changed by something that is of no benefit to you.” Jonathan explains: “I’m a really spontaneous person and love the idea of saying to my partner, ‘come on, pack your bags, let’s go away for a couple of days’ but you can’t do that with kids.

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These are just some of the brutally offensive reasons that a growing group of men have given for not wanting to date single mums.

On a recent thread on the secret sharing app, Whisper, tried to explain the warped reasons they ruled out dating single mothers.

This clip opens with a slide showing a woman holding a baby with the meme: “Single mother here: please take care of some other man’s ball of flesh that eats money destroys dreams and s***s stress.

I offer you my ruined floppy pu**y and mental issues!

Here, Sun Online, meets the men who are breaking a taboo by refusing to date single mums.