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I could almost see the foundation being built as we talked about Lego and the pumpkin patch and his upcoming birthday.Selecting the right dating sites is highly important.

Dates allow both Kevin and I to have time to connect with each of our kids without distraction.

The past few years, dates with our kids have become a priority.

With three babes, it’s hard to give them all the attention we would like all the time, so a date is one way we reconnect and intentionally spend time with them one on one.

After browsing the aisles and finally landing on the ‘the one’, we headed to Chick-fil-A to eat our weight in chicken nuggets and Luke ran around in the play area for as long as his little heart desired.

His cheeks were pink when it was time to go and we headed straight for the ice cream shop.

It was nice enough to sit outside and we ate our scoops of chocolate while talking about our favorite parts of the day.

You couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces if you tried and we laughed and took silly selfies and filled our bellies with ice cream as we headed home, hearts and tummies full.He decided he wanted to be more intentional about making sure she got some one on one time consistently.So, we went through the calendar and put in their dates, so the idea wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.When I was on that date with my oldest son this fall I could almost see our relationship swelling and growing through our chocolate ice cream cones and silly selfies.I could see it getting stronger as we held hands walking down a cobblestone street to choose our ice cream flavor.Dating your kid is a simple concept, but has been super impactful for our family.