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Kerry you are a disgusting person stop ruining lives you nasty piece of rotten trash.

She has no education and can’t put a simple paragraph together so she posts derogatory and defamatory statements about women and men who are more intelligent and successful than her. he love tj, he is hot, and his shirt never stays on at parties.. Look up poser in the dictionary and you’ll find his face.We’ve seen your edited selfies which is no better than a face full of make-up!If you can’t afford make-up, you shouldn’t cut down people who can.I’d recommend my amazing tattoo artist but you’re trash and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work on trash .THE DIRTY ARMY: Tim is a co-pastor at a church who likes to buy children new things to make them feel comfortable around him then he begins to get inappropriately close to them and ask for “sexy pictures”.THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Maynard of Wallaceburg is a dirty side pig that likes to TRY and break up marriages . For real girl -you been married twice – you’d think one of your ex husbands would have wanted to fix that jagged ass tooth protruding from your face.

She actively pursues married men and doesn’t care that they’re married . If you ever lose your temp job at CF you could always chisel ice sculptures with your tooth or become a professional can opener .

She evidently needs more kids to be half siblings with different last names Husband number 3 if you’re out there – RUN !

Save yourself from fake pregnancies and pretend ventilators Hahahahaha No really Sammy your tattoos are poorly done garbage .

She told me “she’d see me in court “lol Where’s the pregnancy Sam ?

You almost ready to let kid number 5 jog out of your already worked over vagina ? There’s no pregnancy , just more lies from a desperate skank trying to keep a bullcrap relationship .

Loser b1tch went to cops because she was harassing ME haha Stupid rat that ratted on herself lol Makes sense doesn’t it ?

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