Sextreme dating movie

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Sextreme dating movie - dating in kentucky

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A spoof of 300 (2006) and many other movies, TV series/shows/commercials, video games and celebrities.

King Leonidas of Sparta and his army of 12 go to war against Xerxes of Persia to fight to the death for Sparta's freedom.

"Sextreme Dating" (2007) Plot : This new dating game turns up the heat on a first date and shows contestants how to score the ultimate hook-up. d=L9OJNSI0 Xd Wt Mk Episode 2 - Shameless Housewives

4 men, with hangovers after a bachelor party, find themselves in a future, dystopian, kill or be killed game.

Putting things into perspective, "Extreme Movie" is way better than the recent spoofs such as "Disaster Movie".

At least I did not feel bored or waiting for "Extreme Movie" to end.

In the rape delivery scene, Fred enters the room where the old lady is calling the police, leaving the door opened behind him.

However the door changes from opened to closed between shots.

See more » Looking Bueno Written by John Costello (BMI), Jeffrey A.

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