Sedating your dog

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There are natural calmers to help your pet if they are particularly anxious or hyperactive, but this should be discussed with your vet during your pre-flight visit.All pets must travel in containers approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Long-haul containers should have separate food and water dishes attached inside the kennel, and it’s a good idea to include a favourite toy or comfort item to keep your pet feeling safe.

Much the same as domestic pet travel, the first step in organising your furry friend’s big adventure abroad is booking in a visit to the vet.

As well as giving your cat or dog a clean bill of health with up-to-date vaccinations, worming and flea and tick treatments, the vet may be required to administer some extra checks for international travel.

Make sure there is plenty of room for your pet to stand up fully and lie down inside.

Containers come in various shapes, sizes and styles and include secured drinking cups so your pet can stay hydrated during the journey.

veterinarian to help calm your dog when frightened by loud noises (noise aversion).

Common noise aversion triggers include fireworks, thunder, construction work, traffic or street noise, celebrations, vacuum cleaners and smoke detectors.

The vet will assess your pet’s health and make sure their vaccinations, worming and flea and tick treatments are up-to-date.

Ask the vet to provide a certificate for a clean bill of health as you may be required to show it when you check your pet in for their journey. Most vets do not recommend sedating your pet prior to travel and airlines may not accept a sedated animal.

The process to send pets internationally can be a complex and arduous one and should be started well in advance of travel – sometimes at least six months beforehand.

Your Flight Centre consultant can help you along with this process and ensure all the right boxes are ticked and the journey is a smooth one.

After you check your pet in (at least 90- to 120-minutes prior to departure), they will be taken to the freight/cargo area.

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