Ron and hermione dating fanfic

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Ron and hermione dating fanfic - online beta dating sites

-rating- NC-17 » A Darkened Doorway -author- Cheering Charm -recommended by- Kate J and Narami -type- Romance -summary- Set post-Hogwarts, while on assignment, Harry and Hermione realize their "friendly" feelings are much more.

» Taste -author- Kate J (me) -recommended by- N/A -type- Humor, drama -summary- Harry and Hermione prove talking is overrated.

» Harry Potter - A very large collection of fanfic from all genres.

» Trio FQF - Trio fics- very much an adult group!!

I have listed below only my favorite stories dated 2002-2005.

I hope that you all enjoy the same type of fics that I do!

Harry has no time to help however; he's made Hermione swear off text books for a week and she's made him swear off Quidditch. -rating- R » Lucky -author-napalmnacey -recommended by- Kate J -type- Drama -summary- Harry loses faith and hope in all around him, and wonders if there is a reason for it all.

Ron's life is marred by a schoolboy crush on Fleur Delacour, but he's helped along by the companionship of Lavender and Parvati as they help him out with the party. Dumbledore consoles him and shows him the Pool of Possibilities, and Harry gets to see a world where Voldemort was never born.-rating- R, NC-17 -notes- My very first fanfic ever.It's the most popular one and I won an award for smut fic from the Portkey for it, so I'm proud! » Incentive -author- Kate J -recommended by- N/A -type- Romance/Fluff -summary- In response to a Muddgutts challenge, Harry uses the thought of Hermione as incentive to win a Quidditch match.» The Snitch -author-napalmnacey -recommended by- Kate J -type- Smut/Romance -summary- After a drunken night of revelry, Hermione stumbles into Harry's room and shows him a brand new tattoo she had no idea she had gotten. Oh, and you can put the tissues away, no tears from this story.In the days that follow, Harry cannot get his mind off the glittering tattoo on her belly. -rating- NC-17 » The Benefits of a Bad Night's Sleep -author- kyc639 -recommended by- Kate J -type- Romance/Humor -summary- Harry has a nightmare and goes to Hermione for comfort, quickly realizing that having a nightmare can have some nice, unforeseen benefits. -rating- PG » Complete Certitude -author- Magdalen -recommended by- Kate J -type- Romance -summary- First time sex, a little bit of angst and much fluff at the end.One day, while playing, Ron presents Harry with a difficult choice: Cho..Hermione?

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