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“18 year old twink bug chaser looking to get pozzed,” reads one recent Craigslist ad posted by a Santa Clara man describing himself as single, thin, and 6-foot-3.

Zone, where gifters and chasers share advice and stories about their sexual experiences, make it relatively straightforward to meet people who want to be infected with the virus that causes AIDS — or to infect their partners.

But an ad featured on that site — designed for gay men who engage in “bareback,” or condomless, sex — is likely to reach a smaller but more targeted audience.

The site’s search function also makes it relatively simple for subscribers to find and communicate with those who would classify themselves “gift givers” — HIV-positive men who are seeking to “poz” others — and “bug chasers” — HIV-negative men who long to become positive.

But some of them have been troubling, and I have decided that I should explain a bit more about myself and about the story.

I am a gay man with deep knowledge of and experience with HIV and AIDS.

Though chasers and gifters are active around the world, many see San Francisco as a kind of mecca.

With its famously liberal attitudes toward sex, thriving gay culture, and high-profile kink festivals like the Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley, the city is particularly attractive to members of the little-studied subculture, many of whom are spreading the virus not only among themselves but also to unsuspecting people, making the disease even more difficult — and costly — to fight.For members of this dangerous minority, Craigslist is a popular choice to connect with one another, for obvious reasons: Posting there is free, and because almost everyone uses the site at some point or another, the ad will be seen by a relatively large number of eyeballs.Alternately, a monthly subscription to Bareback RT.com, also known as Bareback Real Time, costs .95.People who intentionally spread HIV potentially stand in the way of progress to eradicating HIV, and it’s important to understand that these people exist and what is motivating them.I don’t believe that members of the bug-chasing and gifting subculture should be criminalized or shunned.But I do believe that increased public health efforts are needed, as I suggest in the article.