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Problem poos can also be transferred to offspring if pandas reproduce during this period.The paper suggests investigating treatments such as dietary supplements to keep pandas healthy and well-nourished during problem periods.

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But what most likely happens, is some lost prostaglandins head over to your bowel and cause to contract, making you feel like you have to poop and causing gas. In addition, progesterone is a hormone that "helps you maintain a pregnancy," explains host Emily Rothschild in the video. But progesterone levels drop during your period, causing the opposite effect. So while having to poop more during your period can stress you out, at least you know it's totally normal.

It’s a common symptom of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), radiation treatments for cancer, or inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis.

Symptoms include: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) refers to any condition that involves inflammation in your digestive tract.

Of course, if you feel it's affecting your life too much, ask your gyno about some options to help lessen the symptoms.

Like some humans, giant pandas struggle with digestion due to changes in diet – an affliction that could be interrupting their reproduction, according to a new study.

This includes Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Many of these conditions result in a lot of pain when you poop.Zookeepers at the Memphis Zoo noticed significant shifts in the diets of giant pandas, from bamboo stalks to bamboo leaves, depending on the season.A team of researchers led by University of Wisconsin-Madison bacteriologist Garret Suen set out to find links between the panda’s painful pooping, digestion of different plant parts and possibly the panda’s notoriously low reproduction rates.“Gastrointestinal diseases are a major cause of mortality in wild and captive pandas but scientists understand very little about their digestive process,” explains Ashli Brown Johnson, a biochemist at Mississippi State University and co-author of the study.“By studying the microbial community in the panda’s gastrointestinal tract, we gain a better understanding of panda nutrition, which could help improve the health and reproduction of the endangered species.”Data recorded at the Memphis Zoo revealed their pair of captive pandas spent 1% of their time eating leaves in winter and spring, compared with 60% during warmer months.Like other bears, giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) are technically carnivores, but their diet is largely herbivorous – wild and captive pandas eat around a third of their body weight in bamboo every day.Perhaps because of this, pandas struggle with tummy aches, and their faeces occasionally contains gelatinous membranes, which are painful and distressing to pass and interrupt the panda’s feeding habits.But there's a reason you poop more when it's that time of the month and it might not be fun, but it's totally normal.

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