Pollen raw material expiry dating

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Pollen raw material expiry dating

As with any food product, these pieces may attract rodents which could result in damage to the hive. Numerous studies show that higher levels of protein in supplemental feeding are most effective at building and developing hives. Recognising the importance of natural fats in bee feed products we opted for less refined protein sources. Ash is the term given to blends of minerals and salts.

Feeding in autumn and spring can boost hive health; reduce winter losses and prime hives for the coming season.

After feeding Power Feed you’ll see is an increase in royal jelly production, increased brood and ultimately stronger hives.

Supplement feeding helps when natural pollen levels are low or are of poor nutritional quality.

The best way to start feeding Power Feed is with a single pattie (250g) or more ideally, feed both Power Feed and Brood Booster together.

Do this towards the end of winter by adding Brood Booster to standard 67 brix liquid sugar (for use in feeders) or blend the mix into some of your first and second rounds of pattie feeds.

See feeding tips below for more details on the best ways to feed.

Before you’re ready to feed you should make a few observations; how strong is the hive you’re feeding, what natural pollen is available and what time of year is it?

Coming out of winter your bees will be older and less capable to take up large quantities of food.

The aim is therefore to feed and develop nurse bees, however as brood is likely to be low, their numbers will also be low.

For storage between seasons refrigeration is recommended. Power Feed Patties can be frozen and stored for up to 1 year. The ingredients in Vita Hive Power Feed have been scientifically selected and carefully balanced in order to provide optimum nutrition and uptake. Vita Hive Power Feed ingredients include: plant sourced proteins, sucrose syrup, glucose syrup, flax/canola oil blend (Power Feed RTG Patties), vitamin and mineral blend, citric acid. An easy comparison is that it’s a nectar and pollen supplement.

Thaw patties slowly at room temperature by removing them from the freezer 1-2 days before use. Plus, they’re GMO free and contain no animal by-products. Power Feed has been formulated to deliver all the needed amino acids, vitamins and minerals for optimal beehive growth.

Leaving wax paper on will not affect uptake or harm your bees, however this should ideally be removed before placement in the hives.