Pfsense dynamic dns not updating

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Pfsense dynamic dns not updating - consequences of liquidating a

November 22, 2015stefano Comments After talking about this topic with a friend during last week, I decided to start running a local DNS server in my home network.

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At “Interface to monitor“, specify an interface (typically the WAN).The Web is full of articles on how to setup BIND9 on different GNU/Linux distributions so I will not cover this topic at all.What, on the contrary, I found a little bit more complicted to do (not too much to be honest, but still worth to talk about) is how to have a DHCP server running on a different hardware to update the DNS entries everytime a new device asks for an IP.In the DNS Server Tab add as first line the IP of your BIND9 server.On the second and following raws you can add external servers or – if you have it – the secondary DNS IP server: Next scroll down on the same page till the option.It is also probably a good idea to ping the domain to make sure the domain name resolves to the correct IP address.

Even with DDNS, it can take several minutes for the changes to propagate to other DNS servers.

As the IP address may change frequently, corresponding domain names must be quickly re-mapped in the DNS servers to maintain accessibility using a well-known domain name.

To this end, many providers offer commercial or free DDNS service for this scenario, with reconfiguration generally implemented in the user’s router or computer.

Depending on the provider, the hostname is registered with a domain owned by the provider or the customer’s own domain name.

These services can function by a number of mechanisms. The provider might use RFC 2136 to update the DNS servers (more on RFC 2136 later).

It is the latter type of DDNS in which we are interested.

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