Opi dating royal collection

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If I had to pick one I would pick China Glaze's "Man Hunt" because of the formula quality.

After one coat of nail polish it was easy to tell the polish apart based on how well the nail was covered.The formula is nice, as most OPI creams are, and the brush is good too.I don't think this is a terribly unique color, but if you love blues or the OPI formula, then it is worth having in your stash.Really in the end the color is similar enough, though they are not identical as China Glaze's "Man Hunt" is more of a true royal blue, while OPI's "Dating A Royal" is lighter and has a hint of green in it.A normal (non-nail polished obsessed person) does not need to own both polishes.So I have been looking through my collection lately for dupes and for the most part I am happy to report that I don't actually own very many!

But I did find two polishes that look identical in the bottle: China Glaze's "Man Hunt" and OPI's "Dating A Royal". Here's what I found: China Glaze's "Man Hunt" is slightly darker and richer than OPI's "Dating A Royal" and "Dating A Royal" has a little more of a green tint to it.

As the first coat dries …Been trying out blue polishes recently, and I stumbled upon this to feed my blue fetish.

I expected it to be a rich navy blue, but it is a disappointment. I'm an OPI fan through and through, but this colour has disappointed me.

My good friend Taylor from Nailed to the T helped me decide on OPI Dating a Royal. Here new collection Lovely is As Lovely Does is coming out soon!

I think yesterday makes 2 MONTHS since i've posted! I knew I wanted to use Lynnderella's Connect The Dots just couldn't decide what base color to use. I used 2 coats for the picture below :) After I saw how pretty and shiny Dating a Royal looked I wasn't sure I wanted to put Connect The dots on but of course I had to! She has some gorgeous polishes and you can check out Lynnderella's page here.

So I then put on a second coat of China Glaze's "Man Hunt." From here all three of my nails looked completely opaque but it becomes clear again which nail polish is which.