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MONG LA, Myanmar — At the busiest market in town, wide-eyed Chinese tourists browse stalls festooned with illegal animal products.

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Local travel agencies charge 360 yuan for a daylong jaunt across the border.

Turning to me, he explained that some customers — perhaps those a little more skittish about smuggling — choose to add him on We Chat and conduct business after they return to China.

Ah Bing then pays Chinese courier companies to take animal products across the border to Daluo, where they are then mailed on to other addresses across China.

The town’s street signs are bilingual, and virtually every store accepts Chinese yuan.

Chinese companies operate Mong La’s electricity and telecommunications networks, and the town even runs on Beijing Time — a full hour and a half earlier than the rest of Myanmar.

By the door, two boxes of tiger bones sat waiting to be steeped in wine — a concoction spuriously believed to be a health tonic.

Tiger and leopard skins were stacked on shelves; a whole rhinoceros horn was the counter’s centerpiece.But although there are no specific statistics on Mong La’s economy, much of the town’s newfound wealth seems to come from two industries: gambling, which is legal in certain areas of Myanmar and illegal on the Chinese mainland; and the illegal trafficking and sale of endangered-animal products.Chinese people are at the heart of the latter trade: In addition to the hundreds of tourists who visit Mong La every day, Chinese businesspeople residing in the town are buying illegal animal products from both Myanmar and abroad, and helping to smuggle them into China.Company brochures advertise a couple temples in the surrounding jungle, but there’s no doubt what people are really paying to see.“I came here for the novelty, and to eat some game,” one Chinese businessman told me.The couriers, for their part, earn a premium for sneaking past the border guards, who rarely conduct spot checks anyway, Ah Bing told me.

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