Iacp consolidating police services

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The Florida Police Chiefs Association is the third largest state police chiefs association in the United States, composed of more than 900 of the state’s top law enforcement executives.Through conferences, seminars, and special training courses, the FPCA provides a forum for sharing information on the latest crime-fighting strategies, tools and techniques, and ensures the highest degree of preparedness and responsiveness among the state’s many agencies and officers.

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The Florida APCO Training Conference promises a full week of vendor presentations, classes, and networking events and more.There are hundreds of workshops, meetings and events, that allow attendees to educate themselves and network.Attendees can work towards professional certification and will learn information that will help them learn, grow and network with their peers.The 114th annual CACP Conference is an opportunity for police leaders, officers, and public safety partners to support their operational and professional development objectives.This year’s theme is an invitation to focus on HR practices, challenges and trends and how approaching them within a strategic human resource framework can create an environment to improve the health and safety of staff, allowing them to focus on the health and safety of the communities they serve.The five-day event will feature insightful sessions and exhibits for police, fire, and EMS professionals.

The program includes numerous breakout sessions focused on topics like Computer Aided Dispatch, NG911, and PSAP Consolidation vs. This two-day boutique conference by the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing is designed to allow intimate access for police practitioners, leading criminology researchers, crime analysts, criminal justice policy advocates, and vendors to learn and grow their understanding of evidence-based policing, network with police professionals from around the world and receive expert insights on the evolution of policing from prominent and decorated keynote speakers.

With so much social and technological change impacting the law enforcement sector, the importance of annual law enforcement conferences has never been greater.

These gatherings offer the chance to learn from colleagues, discuss best practices, and preview the latest technological innovation in public safety.

In this post, you’ll find the top 25 law enforcement conferences of 2019 with top notch speakers covering a wide range of topics from law enforcement software to the latest crime-fighting strategies.

This fifth annual Summit will bring together innovative and progressive public safety and justice leaders along with leading academics and industry experts to share best practices on how police chiefs, sheriffs, commissioners and other officials can not only start, but also sustain transformational initiatives.

In addition, there is a separate training course for those interested in the Best Practices Recognition Training Program.

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