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Hugh dancy and dating - west east cafe dating

His appearance in Hannibal, Adam, Elizabeth I, etc have earned him huge fame making him one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood.Thrust into fame as one-fourth of a front-page celebrity sex scandal, Hugh Dancy’s tabloid past now seems a distant memory as he prepares for his two most satisfying roles yet: in his latest film, as a man with Asperger syndrome, and next month, as Claire Danes’ husband. ) “I like having paint on my hands,” says Hugh Dancy, picking at the telltale yellow specks on the tips of his manicured fingers.

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Before getting married to Claire, Hugh was reported to have dated Annie Morris.Hugh Dancy is one of the renowned names of film industry. Hugh stepped into the entertainment industry when he was of 23 years old.It has been over 15 years that he has worked as an actor and within these years he has appeared in many successful movies and television series.Soon he was offered a role of Danny in a British television series Cold Feet.Prior to making his appearance in Cold Feet, he had already played brief roles in other series such as Trial & Retribution, The New Adventures of Robin Hood and Dangerfield.“I think Wilde did something remarkable,” he says, “at least by the standards of his society: He painted his vision of life, not only by being gay, but also through his shockingly new ideas about how we should look at art.

“Lord Byron was also clearly a remarkable man,” he adds, referring to the controversial, flamboyant pioneer of Romanticism.

“It lends the illusion that I have an honest career.” Only an hour earlier, primary colors were splattered across the 34-year-old actor’s body and face, a nod to the troubled abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock, at ’s rebel-themed photo shoot.

Now, over pints of toasted lager at Barbuto in Manhattan’s West Village, he considers the characters he has just inhabited.

Hugh has spent notable amount of time in entertainment industry and this period has earned him net worth of nearly 2.5 million dollars.

It has become more than a decade that Hugh appeared as an actor for the first time.

But to be a real rebel, you must have a clear vision of not only what you don’t like, but also what you want to replace it with.

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