Funny christian dating video

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Next time you are trying to make someone laugh, try out one of these lines.Everyone has that aunt that always has a bible verse for every situation.

I encourage you to incorporate as much laughter as you can each and every day you are blessed with life on this planet.Let the joy inside of you flow out so people can see Jesus! Worship can help remind us about God’s sovereignty, even when we feel as though all the light has disappeared from the world, and whether we hear these songs during service on Sunday, or on the radio station, we can play these, reminding ourselves about God’s power over everything.“Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone.'” (Genesis 2.18) Whether you are single and looking for someone to marry, are already married, or have taken a vow of celibacy, hopefully these can give you a good laugh!A group of numerals from 1 to 33 will appear in red boxes.You don't need to click on the numbers, just move your cursor over them in order from 1 to 33 and as you correctly do so that numeral will disappear. This is a good practice to keep your brain sharp and your eye hand co-ordination crisp, or ....................................................... You will be giggling at the words they make up in the video and may even decide to try using one of these words in real life.

Have you ever wondered how a typical Christian guy or girl gets date?These 6 videos only break the ice on all of the Christian comedy that is out there on-line!These are my 6 favorite videos and I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have!This video shows what it would be like if the average normal church-member did these things in real life, too.They lead to some hilarious interactions that will leave you in tears. This funny instructional video shows you all the silly and funny things that you should never do in church.It is hilarious and will leave you giggling each time you watch it. In this video, Steve Harvey goes through letters that children wrote to God.

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