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Il faut signaler ainsi à votre assureur que vous possédez un animal afin de couvrir les éventuels dommages qu’il pourrait causer.

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L’identification est impérative c’est-à-dire que les animaux doivent être pucés ou tatoués.Une assurance animaux fonctionne exactement comme une assurance courante, dont le prix par mois est d’environ 7€.Et elle peut couvrir les chiens et les chats mais également d’autres animaux de compagnie tels que les lapins ou furets. Templar White Boy Medicine Show Write us for free catalog of cassette- only releases by these unusual artists. Think of Sound Choice as a clearing house for im¬ portant and interesting information gathered by a world-wide network of ‘intelligence agents." We need you, the readers, to be those intelligence agents. Subscriptions are for six issues with¬ in the U. Let me tell you the story of the hardcover book I’m en¬ closing. People who thrive on this kind of anger don't read books, except those they buy at supermarkets. (Hardcover) I bought a small ad in The Sunday Book Section of the New York Times (over 0). THE SUBELECKTRICK INSTITUTE Eric Broege Dyke Slut Master Four Track Mind Hinton Templar Brook Hinton King's House Over The Edge Philisophical Mining Press S. is designed to be a communication link and inspiration created by and for all who are interested in A. We encourage the ACTIVE involvement of our readers. radio show has already begun and a world-wide network of sympathetic, free-thinking radio program- ‘ mers is in its formative stages See Radio section.) IN ADDITON to channeling information, other ways readers can help is by subscribing to Sound Choice (the most cost effective, flexible and personal method of distributing the magazine), and by purchasing advertising space. You think the majority of people are as angry as you are! But that’s vio¬ lence in a non-literary or non-artistic sense. En tant que propriétaire vous êtes légalement responsable des dommages causés par l’animal.