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EX-treme Dating wasn't the only such show to feature spanking references or play.But the number of them in the limited amount of episodes we saw before the show disappeared & the consistent, She-spanks-He theme they favored made it stand out above Blind Date or any of the many MTV/VH1 dating shows we sat through.

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Then, patting the paddle against her palm as if daring Brandon to balk or evade one of her penetrating questions, she politely but firmly interrogates her boy toy about his past. Only Veronica knows those answers for sure, but the feisty little gal decides In the next, "body painting", phase of their date, Veronica takes total command.As shocking, troubling or, at least, take your time to digest worthy as such a sensational disclosure might be to many women within minutes of meeting a new man, feisty little Veronica is hardly taken aback.In fact, she welcomes the news with a wickedly gleeful guffaw & quickly turns to Brandon to find out if it's true! But, surprising everyone, including the woman who must have spanked Brandon before to know how much he loves it, Veronica orders her date to empty the back pockets of his jeans so he'll be sure to feel her swats. But, surprising everyone, including the woman who must have spanked Brandon before to know how much he loves it, Veronica orders her date to empty the back pockets of his jeans so he'll be sure to feel her swats. Wasting no time, Veronica bends Brandon over & happily tests out her new paddle on his submissive ass.If the other person was in the car, the couple got a second date paid for by the show.If the person's ex-partners were in the car, the ex-partners themselves won a prize.Still, she does her best & gives Greg's waggling rump several whacks, which, interestingly enough, seem to excite the observing exes as much as the CP-minded couple who, in separate interviews after their beer store blushing, pick the paddling play as their favorite part of the date so far. she opts for a more private, paid for by the show second date with him... And, of course, ALL models contained herein are consenting adults over the age of 18 years as we always demand they be & all materials are in full compliance with 18 U.

Unfortunately for the exes, Angela isn't ready to toss her new boy toy back to them at the end of the date. Leaving everyone with the feeling that she wants another chance to warm his bad boy bottom...

Our second owww-tstanding example (click for first) of how much things have changed since the innocent, innuendo at best days of THE DATING GAME, this EX-treme date offered a shining example of how much fun ANY adventurous woman can have when she finds out that a naughty boy toy has fallen into the palms of her hands!

Featuring Veronica, a pretty little Hooters® waitress who laments being hit on all the time by lounge lizard types; Brandon, a student & store clerk who is more submissive than pushy; & Brandon's interestingly different exes, Stephanie, the quiet type, & Norma, a No- Nonsense Lady if we ever saw one!

And there's no doubt at all that Brandon loved it, too.

But the proof of how much the pretty little minx enjoyed herself comes at the end of the show, when she chooses to go on another date with Brandon.

EX-treme Dating is an American reality television show that paired two people (one man and one woman) on a blind date.

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