Equally yoked dating

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Now imagine you’re headed toward your own best life, including the relationship with Jesus that you want to have.And then you look to the side and see someone is keeping pace with you, doing the same things.

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” And of course, “What does it mean to be equally yoked? ” The thing is, we don’t hear a lot of practical dating advice about this in the church. The verse we’re talking about, the verse I get so many questions about, is 2 Corinthians .I know I would have appreciated this simple explanation SO MUCH when I was dating. I truly believe that when Paul wrote the letter to the Corinthians, it was less like laying down the law and more like showing concern for a dear friend.But I probably also would have thought, “Okay, so Paul told Christians we need to be on the same page about our faith. He knew that when two people make a giant promise to stay together forever, they should have the same picture in their heads of what they want their life together to look like.It felt like one of us was always compromising, like we weren’t in step with each other’s lives.Then one day I realized what was wrong: We weren’t headed in the same direction. I wanted to have His fingerprints all over my life.Paul is writing to the Corinthian Christians and exhorting them to not be bound together with non-Christians.

This includes marriage, but it also includes business and other relationships as well.If you’re like me, you hear the same Bible verses repeated without a good idea of what to do with them today. The NIV translation says, “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.For instance, “unequally yoked.” What does that even mean? For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? ” On the podcast, Hanna talked about it so perfectly, so I want to share with you her exact words.When you’re walking in the same direction, you get to say, “Hey, maybe we could do this together!” Of course, I don’t believe we need to find someone who is exactly like us in every single way.Friend, I believe deep down that our shared love for Jesus has made such a difference in my marriage with Carl!

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