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On his return, he studied drama at Manchester University. By the time he had completed his studies, he already had an agent.He continued his training as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art graduating with an M. Cumberbatch has worked in theatre, television, film and radio.

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Met Professor Stephen Hawking twice before filming Hawking (2004) to prepare for the role.Cumberbatch attended Brambletye School and Harrow School.Whilst at Harrow, he had an arts scholarship and painted large oil canvases. After he finished school, he took a year off to volunteer as an English teacher in a Tibetan monastery in Darjeeling, India.His breakthrough on the big screen came in 2004 when he portrayed Stephen Hawking in the television movie Hawking (2004).In 2010, he became a household name as Sherlock Holmes on the British television series Sherlock (2010).Hudson is influenced by Cumberbatch's own real-life relationship with Una Stubbs, as she is good friends with his mother and she has seen him grow up.

Lost a notable amount of weight for his role as Sherlock Holmes, his goal being to portray Holmes as a character with such high intelligence that it manifests itself in a physical, "mind-over-matter" sort of way.In 2011, he appeared in two Oscar-nominated films - Sõjaratsu (2011) and Plekksepp, rätsep, sõdur, nuhk (2011).He followed this with acclaimed roles in the science fiction fiction film Otse pimedusse (2013), the Oscar-winning drama 12 aastat orjana (2013), Viies võim (2013) and Augustikuu (2013).Cumberbatch's engagement to theatre and opera director Sophie Hunter, whom he has known for 17 years, was announced in the "Forthcoming Marriages" section of The Times newspaper on November 5, 2014.On February 14, 2015, the couple married at the 12th century Church of St. Paul on the Isle of Wight followed by a reception at Mottistone Manor.He played Stephen Hawking, who had previously played himself on an episode of Star Trek: Uus põlvkond (1987).

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    Remember, no one deserves to be victimized by Domestic Violence; a multitude of resources and assistance exist to prevent these unfortunate acts.

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    She recommends reaching out to locals to learn about how romance works in other countries, online or in person.