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Drip cafe dating - Mobile sex lines

Singletons, singletons everywhere, but not a date to meet.That's how Nancy Slotnik felt not too long ago when she was swimming in the singles ocean in New York City.

"Especially for women but also for men, that's not an ideal situation to meet people." At first Drip looks like a regular cafe.

Half of the guests look like they're on first dates - which they are - and the others are checking out potential dates by flipping through binders or watching who's coming through the door.

While some visitors might come just for a Cap'n Crunch milkshake and to give the room a once-over, the cafe's secret is these binders, a homemade library of one-page profiles of 30,000 singles.

Four years later, Slotnik is engaged, and 56 other couples owe their nuptials to Drip.

Now Drip is percolating out to other cities."We consider ourselves an alternative to the typical singles bar, which is darker, louder, smokier, with a high percentage of drunk people," Slotnik says.

"It's a numbers game," says Ed Rumph, a Long Islander who has belonged to Drip for a year and a half and been on several dates that never went beyond that first meeting.

"Coming in here and finding out a little bit about people is better than trying a club or a bar." There's quite a cross-section to choose from, but overall, Slotnik says the Drip clientele is quite educated (most seem to have or are pursuing graduate degrees), thoughtful (filling out that questionnaire requires it), and more ready for a relationship (if they weren't, who would bother with all this? Some singles take the process very seriously, scrutinizing the binders one by one, making a list and checking it twice. "I'll be in Central Park for a run, come over here, flip through the books, pick out a few profiles and request them," he says.Recently he and two of his friends who are also signed up decided to meet every Tuesday evening in the cafe.Going through the books with a friend is a popular pastime at Drip. "I'm sitting here, and this separating-the-wheat-from-the-chaff process is very amusing," Ms. Indeed, she and her friend are in stitches as they try to decipher the men in the binders, which are stacked up on an old school desk in front of them."He's a lawyer and likes golf - a clich," says Halperin's friend Joanna Pudil, who is married but came to help out." 'Fortyish but usually taken for early 30s,' " Halperin reads. But overall, Drip finds itself in enough demand to be expanding to other cities via a Web site, It works much like the binders, whose profiles are scanned and posted online for a monthly charge, which includes date requests."We try to get people right to that stage of the process."Even at Drip, getting a date is still a process.

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