Does updating playstation help blu ray

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CD playing functionality was teased way back in 2013, but Sony has been mute on the topic since then.

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It’s a seamless integration, with a Spotify feature within the Quick Menu that allows you to adjust the music volume, skip tracks using L1 and R1, and pause it for those critical cutscenes.You can however use your computer to rip the music to MP3 and then put them on a USB drive to play via your PS4.The PS4 does support 4K output, but only for photos and videos.It feels like it’s been a long two years since the PS4 launch, and over that time the console has changed quite a bit.In fact, it’s quite a different beast to what it was back in 2013.There’s no word on when or if the PS4 will get 4K resolution support for games.

A PS4 update released in July 2014 added 3D Blu-Ray support (among other new features) to Sony’s latest console. The PS4 now has a wonderful app known as Play Station Music, but in reality it’s a dedicated Spotify app for PS4 and PS3, but there are some awesome new-gen features.Press the Share button to bring up the sharing options available on your PS4.There’s the usual screenshot and gameplay video upload options, but there’s also the Start Share Play option.You’ll need a Spotify Premium account, but oh boy is it worth it.match or a session of Assassin’s Creed Unity, you now can thanks to the USB music player.Currently, there’s no PS4 games compatible with the 4K resolution.