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This post takes a critical look, in the form of an article, at how London is represented in a popular guidebook, Gilbert and Henderson observe that “From their inception, with the nineteenth-century handbooks of John Murray and Karl Baedeker, modern systematic guidebooks have been castigated as obvious, plagiarizing, formulaic, even cannibalistic….” An analysis of the content of guidebooks to a particular place may be performed in a number of ways, such as horizontally, looking at a set of different publishers’ books from a single year, or vertically, looking at a series of the same brand of guidebook over time.

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Maybe so, as the figures included are not as random as they may seem.However at the time of the 1908 London guide, editorship had passed to Karl’s son Fritz (1844-1925), and unsurprisingly “individual volumes were increasingly the product of a cooperative endeavour involving specialists in different fields and authors of different nationalities.” Gilbert notes that “The handbooks of Murray, Baedeker and their successors often chose to maintain a superficial pretence that they had been written by a single author, but were essentially corporate products, and increasingly were written to a specific formula.” Our 1908 Baedeker’s guide to London generally presents information from what sounds like a single author, but at points tellingly employs the pronoun “‘we”.Considering the great breadth and depth of information provided, such a team of authors, under one editor, was necessary if the guide was to be kept successfully updated.Initially the guides were a product of a single author, Karl Baedeker, founder of the “Baedeker dynasty,” as Parsons calls it.Webb refers to Karl Baedeker’s employing “full-time compilers to up-date the editions, and to retain the services of experts in fields such as art and architecture, for the specialist sections,” after successful sales of the 1880’s.However this density does not seem to have discouraged the sales of the London guide, which was first published in 1878 and was in its fifteenth edition in 1908.

It is notable that unlike other guides of the day, no illustrations (other than plans and maps) are included, and no advertising, the latter due to Baedeker’s firm-wide editorial policy.

To begin, it is evident that the book was written for visitors, not residents, as indicated by the book’s subtitle, “Handbook for Travellers”.

However, it is very likely that the book was read by London-dwellers and armchair travellers as well, for as Vaughan comments, “Many authors of guides and travel books knew that their work was for the entertainment and instruction of those who had no intention of deserting their own hearths.” Travellers would most likely have been British, American, or colonial citizens such as Canadians and Australians, or Europeans who could read English (although less likely French visitors, as they had their own French-language version of Baedeker’s London guide).

Where the guide derives its information specifically is not stated.

However, it may be that much comes from volumes listed in the “Books Relating to London” section, including the London County Council’s (pp. The guide also refers to the editor’s personal visits, and to “trusted” sources including “several English and American friends who are intimately acquainted with the great Metropolis” (p. Such details make for rather tedious but fascinating reading now, with plenty of serendipitous insights into contemporary life for the historian.

Too much emphasis cannot be laid upon the high level of detail of information supplied in the guidebook, almost to the extent of trivia.

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