Dating psychology games

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Dating psychology games - plenty fish in the sea dating site

Creating an "average" face - Interesting site lets you create an average face from images provided.

Of course, none of your students may be on Facebook...It also provides opportunities to talk about things like naturalistic fallacy errors and the temptation to evaluate psychological theories (provisional and testable descriptions of nature) by the way they make us feel or the social ends they might or might not serve." The Similarity Project - In one version of this activity, starting in groups of four, students are asked to identify as many similarities as they can between their different groups.Then they join larger and larger groups to see if they can identify even more similarities.I posted their first name and picture and then they could create from there.Introduce themselves to the class, if you will, and they continued to add to those pages throughout the semester.I don't necessarily tell the theme, but I try to interweave it throughout the semester.

That same semester I was using wikis for the first time so the first day of class I took everyone's picture and then created a Who's Who in Psychology page with each class have an individual page for each student.I used the film Faces (with John Cleese) and the books, The Autobiography of the face, and another book (not the companion to the video Faces) The Face, which was a great resource.About 2/3 into the semester I had arranged for the Human Race Machine to come onto campus for a week and students could transform their faces into another race as well as age themselves 20 years.and then I had several students contact me asking if I still had their pages so they could transfer them to another site. Dubbed the Benjamin Franklin effect, this video describes a study investigating what happens when one partner puts a lot of effort into a relationship.All in all it was a fun semester." Stress and conflict in relationships - A podcast from Science of Relationships -- Are there any podcasts you have your students listen to outside of class and then discuss in class or have them respond to in some other way? Via Wikipedia, the Benjamin Franklin effect is illustrated when "a person who has done someone a favor is more likely to do that person another favor than they would be if they had received a favor from that person.In this particular semester it was the fall after the first face transplant and somewhere I had read something that this was a procedure that could have been done previously, but hadn't because of the significance of the face to individual's psyche.

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