Dating football

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Jordan Wawrzyniak, junior at Indiana University, is currently in a relationship.But unlike most of us, she’s not dating the guy she met in her Finite class.

They shared similar interests and life views, and bonded over their mutual appreciation of ice cream and football.

It definitely makes it harder to see each other, but we work it out, even if we have to see each other at weird hours of the day.” Being a full-ride scholarship player, he can’t skip a day; he has that obligation and commitment to be present and work hard every day of the week.

In order to stay on top of her own life, Jordan said it’s a balance she’s learning how to do better every day.

Despite the “football player stereotype”, she believes that football players hold something truly unique.

They give up their time, bodies, and energy for the sake of others- their teammates, community, etc.

They understand the meaning of sacrifice and selflessness more than most young people.

“These are qualities I see in Matt, as well as in many of his buddies.

On 26 August 2009, Ward made his Portsmouth debut as a centre-back against Hereford United in the League Cup, before making his Premier League debut on 14 April 2010 against Wigan Athletic, playing from start to finish at left-back as the game finished goalless.

Ward played in most of Pompey's remaining league matches that season and remained at Fratton Park in the summer even after they were relegated to the Championship.

“It was so unexpected and that was why it was so awesome,” Jordan said.

Growing up, Jordan always had a passion for football; in high school she joined the cheerleading squad and loved being closer the field and the action.

Before every game, Jordan writes a note to Matt to open right before the game.

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