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While contemplating these things can be an odd experience, it’s absolutely necessary to be honest if you want to find someone you’re truly compatible with, not just someone you wish you were compatible with.

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This is a true matchmaking service, where you meet with a GE representative face to face for a full interview.

As with all the services we tested, you can adjust the email settings if your inbox gets too cluttered.

If you encounter anything unpleasant on the site, blocking and reporting a user is easy to do from the messaging part of the app and website.

More about Great Expectations e Harmony — Eharmony is a true online matchmaker service.

Your personality profiles covers 29 different key dimensions, allowing an extensive matchmaking process.

The profile takes a while to complete, so be prepared to spend some time on it.

You can take a break in the middle of the questionnaire and come back later to complete it, if you like.We found this a little off-putting since the goal with online dating is, after all, to find someone and erase your account.Great Expectations — Great Expectations is the United States' best matchmaking service.Users can note how important certain aspects of their mate are, such as salary, religion, race or desire to have kids.A compatibility quiz asks you to rate on a scale how well certain words describe you, like “warm,” “sensual” or “stylish.” It asks more in-depth questions as well including whether you stand up for yourself, whether you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes or whether you take conversations to the next level.This site has been a great success in finding compatible relationships, due to their advanced matchmaker technology.