Dating fender bassman amp

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I don’t want to make a radical change in tone, I just want to add some highs without losing the low-end “thunk.” I love the percussiveness of the strong low end, but I need more cut on top.

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In order to get the most out of your new acquisition, there is one other item I’d recommend checking: the speakers.

You mentioned that the original speakers were bad and that they had been replaced with some “off-brand 200-watt speakers.” This could definitely be an issue.

My guess is that these speakers may not even be musical instrument speakers.

In order to replicate the tone stack of a Super Reverb, you will need to remove the 0.047 u F cap and replace it with a 0.022 u F 600V capacitor.

You will also need to remove the 500 p F cap and replace it with a 220 p F or 250 p F (1k V or 500V) ceramic capacitor.

So if you are not familiar with the inner workings of a tube amplifier and the possible hazards involved, please have this work performed by someone who is. First, locate the capacitors in the tone stack of the Studio channel.

They should consist of a 0.01 u F, a 0.047 u F, and a 500 p F capacitor all grouped together.Next, locate the two 47k resistors that are connected to the plates (pins 1 and 6) of V3.Remove these and, in their place, install an 82k resistor in the position connected to pin 1, and a 100k in the position connected to pin 6.Half-watt carbon film or carbon-comp resistors are fine for these changes, but I generally use 1-watt resistors in my repairs, as well as in all production amps.Making a Case for New Speakers Those are really the only modifications necessary to bring the circuit into Super Reverb territory.Also, an added benefit of this particular amp over a Super Reverb is that you can definitely run a signal to both the Normal and Studio channels and blend them.

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