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Dating en language language nl nl site - Teen dating site

This page also lists the contact details for the Dutch representation or representations in your country or region.

is for Dutch nationals who want to live, work, study, travel or do business abroad, or who already do so.If you can’t find the country or region you’re looking for, it may appear in a different language version of Find out which language or languages are used for information about the country you are looking for, or scroll down to the bottom of the screen to change the language.What you do is called an – the Dutch Language Union – is a public organization managed by the Dutch and Flemish ministers for culture and education.It is responsible for both standardizing the Dutch language and promoting Dutch language and culture around the the authoritative dictionary to which all turn when they require the definitions and uses of Dutch words.

It has, therefore, a significant regulatory influence on the language.

is not the only government website that provides information for foreign nationals who want to travel, work, live or do business in the Netherlands.

also helps you find relevant information on other government websites.

Are you working with the Dutch and do you want to fully understand the Dutch context and culture?

Then the training ‘Working and dealing with the Dutch’ at our partner Akteos might be interesting for you.

If you’ve ever eaten coleslaw after leaving some cookies for Santa Claus, then you’ve definitely used a few Dutch words, including: koolsla, koekje, and Sinterklaas.

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