Dating customs of dominican republican

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Age is another topic that, unlike North Americans, Dominicans will discuss openly.They will never be offended if you ask them their age.

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Their hair will always be done, or they will be going to do it at the salon, clothes are generally very presentable as well.

If that person belongs to a well-known Rodriguez family, he or she will make a very favourable impression.

Politics and religion are two topics of be avoided when making first acquaintance.

Dominicans are very warm people, and greet friends and acquaintances with a kiss on the right cheek. In larger groups, an extended hand will suffice as a greeting, but don’t be surprised if a female makes her way around a group greeting each one with a kiss on the cheek. If you have asked someone a question, and they didn’t understand you, or if they want to say "what?

Upon entering a store, public transport, waiting rooms, offices, classroom, clinics, pretty much anywhere, it is customary to greet the room with a greeting—Good morning, Good afternoon. ", they wouldn’t necessarily respond vocally and may respond with a nose wrinkle.

Dominicans use their hands a lot when they speak and this is accompanied by facial expressions.

People talk loudly, particularly with their friends, and are very expressive.When people express their anger in public it is normally badly viewed, that is, unless they explain the reasons behind it.Public displays of affection are not usually common in the streets.It is important to look people in the eyes when speaking.It is impolite to not shake peoples’ hands; when you first go to their house or any public place you should say "hello".As you become closer to a person, you may engage in this topic, but generally, it should be avoided as they may form a poor opinion on you if you don’t share their belief.