Dating an unbeliever verses

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I would raise another set of standards, which are given to us in the Book of Proverbs.

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Since the unbeliever cannot please God without faith (and the believing spouse has no expectation of changing their situation), then by necessity the unbeliever will become the stronger "ox" in the relationship.

This would not only exclude unbelievers, but it would also exclude many who profess to be believers as well.

Proverbs sets a very high standard for those with whom we should associate as friends, and surely this standard should not be lowered for those whom one would date.

So the concept Paul teaches us is that a believer must not become yoked together with someone who does not agree with the believer's perspective of God, faith, godliness and obedience to Christ.

If we become bound with an unbeliever in a solemn agreement (i.e., a marriage covenant), then we are unequally yoked and likely to be pulled astray from an obedient walk with Christ.

Some Christians marry unbelievers thinking they will be the stronger "ox" in the relationship, pulling their unbelieving spouse into the straight and narrow path of obedience to God, but the Bible teachers that obedience is always predicated on faith in the Gospel: Furthermore, no one can persuade or force an unbeliever to become born-again.

Spiritual conversation is a change that God alone produces in the heart of an individual, and therefore marrying an unbeliever in the expectation of converting them is a foolish and presumptuous decision.The principle stated in 2 Corinthians -18 would seem to apply to marriage as well, and some might see it as applying to dating.I suspect that this would be an inferential conclusion, and thus would have to be considered a matter of personal conviction, rather than as a clear biblical prohibition.They also have much to say about those with whom we should not associate.For example, we should not associate with one who is a gossip (), or with one who is given to anger (), or with one who is given to change ().In summary, a believer may not marry an unbeliever.

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