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The recruiter forwards the rest of the information to his/her bosses at the Recruiting Squadron. If there are no obvious disqualifying factors, the recruiter arranges an appointment for you to go to MEPS.

The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery, more commonly referred to as the ASVAB is used by the Air Force primarily for two purposes: (1) to determine if you have the mental capacity to be successful through basic training and other Air Force training programs, and (2) to determine your aptitude for learning various Air Force jobs.If you're very lucky, you may be able to reserve a specific job at the time you meet with the Job Counselor at MEPS.More likely, however, there won't be any available slots listed in the computer system.Your first step in the enlistment process is to meet with a recruiter. The recruiter will ask you about your education level, your criminal history, your age, your marital/dependency status, and your medical history.The recruiter will weigh you to ensure you meet Air Force accession weight standards.The other subtests are used to determine job qualifications.

The largest portion of your day at MEPS is taken up by the medical examination.Most Air Force enlisted jobs and assignments require a security clearance. The Air Force has two enlistment options: Guaranteed Job and Guaranteed Aptitude area.There are only enough guaranteed job slots made available to the Air Force Recruiting Service to accommodate about 40 percent of the recruits who enlist each year. The Air Force has four aptitude areas: General, Electronics, Mechanical, and Administrative.MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station and is where your real qualifications for joining the Air Force are determined. In fact, it's not owned by any of the branches. Unless you already have a valid Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score, you'll usually take the ASVAB in the afternoon you arrive.MEPS is a "joint-operation," and is staffed by members of all the branches. The next day, the real fun begins—and it's a long, long day.A permanent disqualification means that you failed to meet the published standards, and that won't change with time. Citizenship, but your job choices and assignments will be limited to those which do not require a clearance.