Dating a guy who is younger than you

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Dating a guy who is younger than you

In high school and early college, much of life is divided by age bracket. As someone now 10 years removed from high school, I have a perspective on this I certainly didn’t have at age 21.

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Again, have the conversation early on about what each of you are looking for.If you’re on dating sites, you can usually spot a Peter Pan pretty easily. And his pictures show that, while he might be incredibly hot, he spends an inordinate amount of time partying. It can be hard to gauge how emotionally mature a younger man is right away, so certainly give this guy a shot.His profile will talk about how into surfing, traveling, hiking, blah blah he is. But look for signs that he’s not where you are emotionally, and leave before you get in deeper.If you’re attracted to a younger man because you can control him, that’s not a healthy balance for a real and lasting relationship.If this younger guy has limited relationship experience, and depending on his personality, he might not have the emotional maturity that you do.But the funny thing is this: Once you get past age 22 or so, most of those age-and-stage gaps close.

You stop asking how old people are, and you don’t even notice an age difference—even in dating.Whatever the reason, it can be incredibly frustrating.Just like there’s a certain assumption that dating a younger man means you basically have a hot pool boy serving your every need, there’s some cachet on his end as well for dating an older woman.There will be things you like (his energy) and things that drive you crazy (the fact that he has no clue who Max Headroom is).via GIPHY On the other hand, your need to control might be something that attracts him.So you may make him incredibly uncomfortable in changing his preferred communication channel. Learn how to get to know him in a few short sentences, while saving the bigger conversations for when you go out. Certainly, Millennials don’t hold the trademark on but consider that 15% of Millennial men have ghosted a woman.

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