Dating a black women

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Dating a black women

File this under illogical thinking that I’m unlearning.

The stereotypes I encounter make it harder for me to fall in love wholeheartedly.I wanted to get to the bottom of this mess, but I knew I had to handle the situation with caution.I didn’t want to “overexpress” myself and be labeled as the angry black woman.We don’t care what you think, because we know how amazing we are.To my black sisters, I wish someone would have told me this earlier, so I’m telling it to you now.We are human, so like most people who’ve ever lived, we experience a full range of emotions.

I’m generally pretty happy, but of course, I can be a crybaby, and at other times I can get mad as hell.The world is much better when black women are in full form, being their whole selves, and speaking their truths.Most daters on mainstream sites like OKCupid, Tinder and are white.My sisters and I are out here meditating, saging our spaces, and focusing on healing.Worrying about how the world sees us is the last thing we have time for.Are black women supposed to refrain from speaking out against bullshit? You’d be mad, too, if your partner wasn’t meeting you with the same energy you knew you deserved, if someone’s inability to love you was based on false assumptions, if your demographic was suffering the most from the wage gap, and if your potential soulmate was locked away for some petty marijuana charge.

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    I tried to give Gabrielle Union (who used to work as a shoe store clerk before hitting the big time) the benefit of the doubt and watch “Neo Ned,” but the premise of a white skinhead guy falling in love with a sistah who believes she is the risen reincarnation of Hitler who meet and fall madly in love while in an insane asylum was a bit much to swallow, much less get excited about.