Consolidating company liquidation

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Many people see financial trouble in their future, what might be called a chronic problem, but they aren’t cash-flow insolvent until they can no longer pay their bills.Financial trouble is chronic; not paying you bills is acute, since that’s the moment when a problem becomes a personal crisis.

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Staying in business might require that the company convince its creditors that it has made the correct assumptions about future cash flows, but many times businesses and their lenders don’t see eye to eye.

You also could negotiate a debt payment or settlement plan with creditors.

Bankruptcy is usually a final alternative when other attempts to clear debt fail.

Deciding what to do about this type of insolvency requires taking a cash-flow test.

The debtor needs to evaluate current and future cash flows to determine whether your income is enough to cover debt payments.

If you can’t meet minimum monthly payments on your credit cards and you don’t try to work out a solution with the card company, you’ll almost certainly hear from debt collectors.

Think of insolvency as the trigger for financial hardship.Paying debts will deplete cash and that leads to cash-flow insolvency.Insolvency only becomes an issue when a creditor seeks to collect and the debtor can’t pay what’s due.You can be insolvent without being bankrupt, but you can’t be bankrupt without being insolvent. Many people think of the two as the same thing, but they are very different.Insolvency is a problem that bankruptcy is designed to solve.If you have an inheritance distribution or some other windfall coming in a few months, your insolvency might be temporary, but if you’ve sold your assets and your income is not going to increase, you might not have a easy way out of insolvency.