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Now, when I am viewing the version history of that file, this version 4 is not getting displayed, version 3 and then just the version 5, but when I compare version 5 with previous version, then it is compared to version 4. Original answer This (modifying a file without checkout first) can only be possible in a snapshot view (not a dynamic one), and leads to an hijacked file.

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If you do not specify -add_loadrules, this argument specifies the files and/or directories to update.Sometimes there are no confirmation prompts when you update elements, even though you have not specified -force. Default: The initial default is set by the mkview command.Thereafter, the most recently used time scheme is retained as part of the view's state and is used as the default behavior for the next update.Is there a way to add clearcase diff/merge tool as external compare tool in RTC preferences in Eclipse, but without actually installing Clearcase on machine? An external merge tool in RTC is a definition of a set of command lines to execute, and the pre-defined Clear Case external merge tool definition is just a set of command lines referring to the locations where Clear Case merge tools are installed by default.So if you have the Clear Case merge tools installed somewhere on the client, just update the external merge tool definition to point to where you have those merge tools installed.Merge files: cleardiff -out output-pname [ -bas/e pname ] [ -q/uery | -qal/l | -qnt/rivial | -abo/rt ] [ -dif/f_format | -ser/ial_format | -col/umns n ] [ -hea/ders_only | -qui/et | -sta/tus_only ][ -b/lank_ignore ] [ -favor/_contrib n (base=1,...) ] pname1 pname2 ...

Clear Case is a set of tools developed by IBM which also include a centralized version control system similar to Git.Sets the time stamp of a file element to the current time, that is, the time at which the version is copied into the view.-ctime has no effect on directories (directories always use the current time). The log file lists the actions taken by the update command, as well as an indication of any errors that occur during the operation.A good read of Clear Case’s basic concepts is can be found in this Stack Overflow post. I have updated a file without doing check out, after updating it asked me that it is in read only mode still u want to make the changes , and by mistake I clicked on yes.All specified directories, including the root directory of the snapshot view, are updated recursively.